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Recent changes to our website – ebooks and subject finder

We’ve recently made some changes to our website. We have added a new area of our website for ebooks (most of our ebooks are now available in both ebook EPUB and ebook PDF formats). Note that we do not sell our ebooks ourselves but there are several purchase options available for both libraries and individuals. Full details are available at

The title search on our website enables you to include, exclude or search only for ebooks. Our title search can be found at

We’ve also added a ‘subject finder’ to our title search. You can use this to search for all titles within a subject area. If you are interested in books on Music, you can enter ‘mus’ in the box marked Subject on the search screen (you only need to enter the first three letters and the website will suggest subjects that may match what you are looking for). Highlight the subject you are interested in on the dropdown list and press Search and you will see all the titles we have available within that subject area.

We hope that you find these new features useful. If you have any feedback on these, or have any comments/suggestions for other features of our website, please contact us.

Over 3000 Ashgate books are now available as ebooks

We aim to make as many books as possible available in both print and e-format, and we now have over 3000 titles available as ebooks.

A complete listing of our available ebooks can be found on our website. Visit and click on the link.

To find out whether a particular book is available as an ebook, search for the book on our website, and the book’s information page will indicate whether the book is available as an ebook edition.

We do not currently sell ebooks directly to customers from our website, but access to Ashgate ebooks can be purchased via a wide range of ebook suppliers. The full range of suppliers we work with is shown on the website. The major ones include:

For libraries:

  • Dawsonera
  • EBSCO Netlibrary
  • EBL
  • Ebrary
  • Myilibrary

For individuals:

  • Google Play
  • Amazon (selected titles only)

Our ebooks are available in enhanced pdf format, and include a fully bookmarked table of contents, internal hyperlinks to and from the table of contents, a hyperlinked index and hyperlinked endnotes.

Ashgate’s ebooks are predominantly bought by institutional purchasers, and read on screen either in an institutional library or remotely. One advantage to libraries of buying ebooks is the flexibility of access. Depending on the supplier or the access model, ebooks can be purchased on a short term loan basis, or may be licensed to multiple users, making it more practical to assign as textbooks titles which previously were only available as hardbacks.

The pdf format retains the original page numbering and page layout, which aids citation. As the page layout is fixed, these ebooks are best viewed on larger screens, such as desktops and laptops.

In the near future, we will also be making many of our existing ebooks available in the ePub format. EPub is a reflowable text format, which is designed for ebook readers (including Kobo, Nook and the Sony e-reader), tablets and smartphones.

Around 1000 Ashgate books are currently available in Amazon’s Kindle format. Like ePub, Kindle books feature reflowable text, which is good for reading on the smaller Kindle screen.

Visit for more information

Note: If an Ashgate book is not available in ebook form, this is usually because of copyright reasons. Our reprint reference series are not available in ebook form. Only a minority of books in our current Visual Studies list are available as ebooks, because of the illustrations, although we aim to publish more Visual Studies ebooks in the future.

More than 2000 Ashgate books now available in ebook format

We’re delighted to say that over the past year the number of our books available as ebooks has doubled, to more than 2000.

Ashgate ebooks are in Adobe Digital Editions (.PDF) format, and have some useful interactive features:

• Fully bookmarked Table of Contents

• Fully hyperlinked Table of Contents, to and from chapters

• Hyperlinked index

• Hyperlinked endnotes

Currently we do not sell ebooks direct. However there are several, easy to use, purchase options available to libraries and individuals. See the ebooks pages of our website for details.

On the website you’ll also find a complete list of all of our published and forthcoming ebooks.

Over 600 Ashgate books are also currently available as Kindle editions on and

Hakluyt Society print on demand publications – now available

Ashgate is the official publisher for the Hakluyt Society, and we’re pleased to announce availability in high-quality print on demand format of the First and Second Series (290 volumes published between the years 1847 and 2000).

Visit the Hakluyt Society series page on our website for more infomation about titles in the series, and how to order.

The First and Second Series will also soon be available in ebook format.

Titles from the First Series will be available in fully searchable ebook format by December 2010, followed by the Second Series in Spring 2011.

The Hakluyt Society is named after Richard Hakluyt (1552-1616), the celebrated collector and editor of narratives of voyages and travels and other documents relating to English interests overseas. Founded in 1846, the Hakluyt Society seeks to advance knowledge and education by the publication of scholarly editions of primary records of voyages, travels and other geographical material.

The Kindle and scholarly reading: are e-book readers a step backwards in the technology of reading?

There’s a lot of discussion about e-books and e-reading at the moment, but not a lot of it relates to the kind of serious, reflective reading that scholars do. So I was very interested to come across a video on Youtube of a lecture given by James J. O’Donnell at Yale University earlier this year.

It’s a very thoughtful and informative analysis of the experience of reading on a Kindle, from the perspective of a humanities scholar (O’Donnell is a Professor of Classics). He makes many good points, but I was particularly struck by his argument that although e-readers are often seen as a step forward, in fact, in their current form, they take the technology of reading a big step backwards. The experience of reading on a Kindle is in many ways more like reading a papyrus scroll than a book.

You can see the video here (35 minutes long) – it’s well worth a look. And let me know what you think!


ebooks from Ashgate

Over 1000 Ashgate titles are now available as ebooks, and you can buy them from a range of book suppliers (we don’t sell them directly at the moment).

Up to date information about where to buy Ashgate ebooks is available on our website, with options for individual purchasers and for libraries.

Ashgate ebooks are in Adobe pdf format, which can be downloaded to computers and most ebook readers – but please check your user manual if you’re unsure.

On our website you can also download a complete list of all of our published and forthcoming ebooks.


Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: A Philosophical and Literary Companion – Ashgate’s top selling ebook for Kindle

Ashgate’s current top selling ebook for Kindle is Edward Younkins’ Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of Atlas Shrugged‘s publication, this companion is an exploration of this monumental work of literature. It includes specially commissioned contributions from a range of scholars who admire and have been influenced by the book.

As well as being available as an ebook, Ayn Rand’s Atlas shrugged is also available in paperback and hardback editions.

Ayn Rand’s complex philosophical novel, Atlas Shrugged, is hugely popular, yet intimidating or confusing to some people. By assembling this impressive collection, Edward Younkins has done something wonderful for both those who enjoyed the novel and those yet to discover it. Younkins and his collaborators examine many different facets of the novel, from the perspectives of a variety of different disciplines: literature, philosophy, economics, politics, history. This is sure to be a thought-provoking and conversation-stimulating anthology.
Aeon J. Skoble, Bridgewater State University

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