User Experience training for librarians

  • Do you really know your users?
  • Do you want to find out what they really need?
  • Do you want to find out what they are really doing?

For some time now interest has been growing in a set of research methods that are far more revealing and detailed than surveys. What is more they’re far more interesting and fun for our users to engage with too. Under the banner heading of UX (User Experience) these methods can help us gain a far greater understanding of how our users study and research in the 21st Century.

UXLibs-in-a-day is a highly practical and interactive workshop which explores User Experience (UX) research methods and applications which can be used to uncover what our users really need and do. Participants will have the opportunity to try out many ethnographic approaches for themselves, evaluate application in their own libraries and gain crucial insight into the kind of rich data they can derive. They will also be exposed to idea generation and design-thinking methods and consider the value of divergent as opposed to convergent thinking. After a very successful pilot day at CILIP HQ, Ashgate author Andy Priestner is now offering five more practical and intensive day-long UX  workshops at which you’ll learn these methods and their applications first-hand. If you’re interested then sign up for the first workshop in Cambridge on Saturday 28th November or register your interest in attending one of the other workshops taking place in Copenhagen, London, Maynooth (Ireland), Newcastle and Birmingham in the coming months


‘Engaging, innovative, inspiring. Makes me want to go back and do this!’

‘A very useful and practical session that focused on real-world methodologies rather than the purely theoretical and conceptual. Andy is a great presenter – very professional and effective.’

‘Really positive, worthwhile and usable. Inspired to try lots of techniques back at work. Thank you! One of the best training workshops I have attended.’

Failing that, pre-order the book, coming out in Spring 2016, User Experience in Libraries by Andy Priestner and Matt Borg

PRIESTNER JKT(240x159)pathAnd don’t forget to look at Andy’s last book:

Personalising Library Services in Higher Education  by Andy Priestner and Elizabeth Tilley

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