New Series Announcement and Call for Proposals for Ambiances, Atmospheres and Sensory Experiences of Space

Posted by Katy Crossan, Commissioning Editor for Geography

New Series Announcement and Call for Book Proposals:
Ambiances, Atmospheres and Sensory Experiences of Space

Series Editors: Rainer Kazig, École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble, France, Damien Masson, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France and Paul Simpson, Plymouth University, UK

We are currently seeking book proposals for research monographs and edited collections which engage with the key questions outlined below.

Research on ambiances and atmospheres has grown significantly in recent years in a range of disciplines, including Francophone architecture and urban studies, German research related to philosophy and aesthetics, and a growing range of Anglophone research on affective atmospheres within human geography and sociology.

This series offers a forum for research that engages with questions around ambiances and atmospheres in exploring their significances in understanding social life. Each book in the series advances some combination of theoretical understandings, practical knowledges and methodological approaches. More specifically, a range of key questions which contributions to the series seek to address includes:

  • In what ways do ambiances and atmospheres play a part in the unfolding of social life in a variety of settings?
  • What kinds of ethical, aesthetic, and political possibilities might be opened up and cultivated through a focus on atmospheres/ambiences?
  • How do actors such as planners, architects, managers, commercial interests and public authorities actively engage with ambiances and atmospheres or seek to shape them? How might these ambiances and atmospheres be re-shaped towards critical ends?
  • What original forms of representations can be found today to (re)present the sensory, the atmospheric, the experiential?  What sort of writing, modes of expression, or vocabulary is required? What research methodologies and practices might we employ in engaging with ambiances and atmospheres?

For further information please contact the Series Editors, Rainer Kazig, Damien Masson and Paul Simpson.

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